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Data Purge Policy


This policy applies to all incidents where a breach of personal identifying information is suspected or confirmed relating to a customer of AIM or a user of software developed by AIM.

General Guidelines

No data shall be purged from live production database unless:

  1. After receiving the client request, a "file purge date" will be established based on a 30 day waiting period.
  2. All database backups will be removed immediately upon client request.
  3. All data from development environments will be purged immediately upon client request.
  4. After 30 day waiting period, all data on the live production server will be purged.
  5. A copy of the data purge checklist will be reviewed with management.
  6. Management will certify the purge and send notification to the client.
  7. Upon the decommissioning or failure of any hard drive, the drive physically destroyed/crushed, priory to pick-up by scrap/recycling company.
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