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IT-Network Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Complaints In order for us to provide the best service possible, we encourage you contact AIM management for any of the following reasons: The intent is to ensure thorough, timely and open resolution of any problem that may come up.
Submitting New Service Requests
Urgent Support Requests Outside Standard Hours
Priority of Support Requests
Description/Examples Response Expectations Response Guarantee
Extreme Network server or critical application down, operations halted. Immediate (contact within 15 minutes) Highest priority until resolved Within 15 minutes during standard hours of service Within 1 hour outside standard hours of service
Urgent Issue with high profile workstation or less than critical application, operations hampered but not halted. Within 1 hour Within 4 hours
High Workstation on network down but other workstations available or non-critical application down, operations inconvenience. Within 4 hours By 12PM of following business day
Moderate New user, new/repair of PC, new software installation, etc., no or minimal impact on current operations. Scheduled and/or handled within 5 business days NONE
Low Non-critical hardware or application change, no impact on current operations. When convenient or scheduled within 1 month NONE
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